I am a father, a teacher, and a photographer. As a father, I raise my children to desire goodness. As a teacher, I guide my students to pursue truth. As a photographer, I set myself to taking pictures that are beautiful. I take photographs because I love to make people smile. I practice daily so that I can make people smile often and deeply. My photos at their best capture authentic moments, moments which present the hidden character of individuals and communities, the manifold nature of emotions, or the impact of meaningful actions. Only authentic candid moments can increase our knowledge and appreciation for the interior beauty of people, of the world, and of ourselves. 

Landscape On The Edge                        
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MARCH 7 - SEPTEMBER 10 - 2023

Weather Capturing                         
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APRIL 16 - NOVEMBER 8 - 2023

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JULY 17 - OCTOBER 1 - 2023

The Landscape                       
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MAY 28 - NOVEMBER 26 - 2023

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